Welcome to Syrah

Syrah is a cozy and comfortable venue nestled between rows of fine wine in our Cellar Cafe. We stock the finest labels from all over the World, as well as top shelf spirits, and local beers. Sit and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine or one of our signature cocktails while our Chef teases your taste buds with a variety of small plates for sharing or simply mix and match to get the meal of your choice. The possibilities are endless! Whether you are looking for a corporate luncheon venue, or an intimate dinner hideaway, Syrah has the perfect mix of charm and sophistication for any occasion. We can't wait to see you!

Chef’s secrets




Master mise en place

"Mise en place" is French for "everything in place." What it means to a chef? Before you cook, have everything measured, peeled, chopped, pans greased, etc. and within reach. This will keep you from running around looking for the dried basil while your sauce is on the brink of burning.


Don't overcrowd your pan

When roasting or browning anything, the tendency is to cram as much in the pan as possible — resist! Do it in smaller batches instead. Crowding the pan leads to steaming and lowers the temperature of the pan so you won't get the caramelization you're looking for — and that's where the flavor is.


We love Tongs

Walk into any restaurant kitchen and you'll see a set of tongs in almost every cook's hand — usually gripped low down on the handle for maximum control. Use it to flip meat, pull a pan out of the oven, stabilize a steak while slicing, the list goes on and on.


Some of Our Specials


Our Kitchen Team at Syrah continues to innovate and experiment bringing you an exciting new menu that debuted in June 2017

While retaining the simplicity and flexibility of our former menu we have added some exciting new items to our daily fare.  The Belgian Dream Boats are a carb conscious alternative to our ever popular dish the Tenderloin Tagliata.  Don't miss the Sweet Chili Mongolian Beef it is delicious paired with the Cilantro Lime Rice and a cold Beer.  We have added Spinach to our Kale Ceasar making it a healthy rich blend of greens with a creamy homemade Cesar dressing coating.    The Grilled Lamb Fajitas are fast becoming a Customer Favorite.    Round out your meal with an Affogato al Cafe - your choice of Chocolate, Vanilla or Coffee ice cream with a shot of espresso to pour over it or try a Flaming Bahamian Coffee to make the night unforgettable.